Roborodentia Project Page

I entered Roborodentia in 2000. I got 2nd place with this robot. I was able to finish the maze but a Lego Mindstorm robot finished faster.

The competition came and went and due to school and work I found no time to complete the robot. However, the format next year will be similar and I plan to enter that one. I believe I will keep this page here for awhile for reference.

What is Roborodentia?
In short it is a robot competition held at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo during their Open House every April. They have had the competition for at least 10 years now. Here is a link to the Roborodentia page.

Why Enter?
This year the competition has a completely new format. I'm now more determined than ever to compete and have a good showing in the competition. I promised myself that one day I would return to the competition and win and when I saw the prize money ($1000) I knew this was the time.

Competition Format
The best resource for this is the official rules PDF document. In summary the robots compete in what can be described as a tennis court with smash balls on both sides. Robots compete head to head with one on each side of the court. Whoever has the most smash balls on their opponents side of the court after 3 minutes wins the match. It's a double elimation tournament.

Links to Documentation
Here are the Roborodentia rules. PDF
Here is the documentation for the camera module I chose. PDF
Here is a schematic for the same camera module. JPG
Here is a Java program that contains a GUI to control the camera module. ZIP
Here is the data sheet to the actual CMOS digital camera in the module. PDF
Here is the data sheet for the IR distance sensor. PDF
Here is the data sheet for the IR distance sensor. PDF
Here is the schematic the for PCB. PDF and Eagle native format. PDF Eagle
Here is the board layout the for PCB. PNG and Eagle native format. PNG Eagle

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