Pete and I rule!!

Welcome to the Lotus Video Game System Homepage

The Lotus Video Game System was designed and developed by Peter Wang and Shane Avery for the ECE625 Graduate Class at Cal State Northridge.

Pete and I were given the requirement that we had to use the 68HCS12 for the end of term project. We like games. I guess you can figure out the rest.

How did you come up with the name Lotus? I asked Pete what we should call it. Pete shrugged and said Lotus. I said sounds good to me.

What tools did you use to develop Lotus? We used Eagle for the custom copper PCB and EmbeddedGNU for code development on the HCS12.

What hardware makes up Lotus? We built Lotus around an HCS12 development board called the MiniDragon. We used a sound chip called SoundGin. For video we used the ezVGA Serial Module. For controllers we hacked up some NES controllers.

Links to Lotus documentation
This is the final report.PDF
Here is the native Eagle schematic and board layout for the custom PCB.ZIP
PDF of the schematic for the custom PCB.PDF
PDF of the board layout for the custom PCB.PDF
Link to the MiniDragon board we used.MiniDragon
Link to SoundGin sound chip.SoundGin
Link to ezVGA Serial Module.ezVGA
Link to EmbeddedGNU IDE.EmbeddedGNU
Here is a zip file of the code for my game Kill Kevin.ZIP
Here is a zip file of the code for Pete's Tron Bike game.ZIP
Link to YouTube clip of close up of Lotus SystemLotus
Link to YouTube clip of Kill Kevin game running.KillKevin

Origin of Kill Kevin.
Kevin Koch is a co-worker of mine who is about as old as my dad. He is a great person to joke around with at work. Kevin claimed that I couldn't write a game he couldn't beat me at. So I said care to make it interesting? After Kill Kevin was developed I thought I'd have Kevin over to play the game to iron out the bugs. We had a blast. Unfortunately for Kevin, I apparantly can code a game I can beat him at. See below for the final results.