CSUN Independent Study/Graduate Project in Cooperative Robotics

This project is an exercise in cooperative robotics for my CSUN gradute project. Robots can communicate with another robot and/or the Mars wireless device. The Mars wireless device may communicate with any robot and the Earth wireless device. The Earth wireless device can only communicate with the Mars wireless device.

Robots will have to cooperate to complete a task. This means that no one robot can complete the entire task by itself. Some robots will be "killed" or crippled before they begin their task and the remaining robots must figure who remains and what each remaining member is capable of and then work together to complete their task. The Mars wireless device can tell the robots what to do if needed.

The Earth wireless device will relay info to/from the Mars wireless device to/from the PC computer which runs GUI software to display robot status and deliver commands to Mars if needed.

Links to Documentation
Summer report which led to the grad project. DOC
The Earth Satellite Schematic. PDF
The Mars Satellite/Robot Schematic. PDF
The IRDA Schematics for Robots/Balls. PDF
EarthSat software ZIP
MarsSat source ZIP
Robot source ZIP
Vid of XBee Test. YouTube
Vid of robot following a line. YouTube
Vid of robot making turns. YouTube
Vid of one Seeker doing the task. YouTube
EarthSat screen capture of single Seeker. YouTube
Vid of two Seekers doing the task. YouTube
EarthSat screen capture of the two Seekers. YouTube

Pictures for your enjoyment.

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